Advanced Silicon Group

Nanotechnology for the next generation of solar PV, biosensors & batteries

Our Services


Consulting: ASG consults with firms to help them incorporate silicon nanowires into their products for improved performance, enhanced functionality, and/or lower cost.  These consulting services range from our engineers and technicians working side by side with your staff in the lab to providing remote assistance with testing and guidance in making your products.  Application areas include solar cells, Li-ion batteries, MEMs, lab-on-chip, optical detectors, chemical and biological detection, anti-reflection layers, anti-bacteria films, and thermoelectrics.  In the area of photovoltaics, ASG can also provide solar cell device and process development, including analysis and characterization of solar cells.

Licensing:  ASG licenses clients to manufacture products using its IP portfolio in applications ranging from solar photovoltaics to Li-ion batteries, microfluidics, MEMS, and more. 

Custom Fabrication: ASG can produce silicon wafers with customized nanowire structures.  Contact us with your specifications for a quotation.